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Our team is lead by highly accomplished individuals with leadership experience and business success.  

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Retired Major-General Ronny Numa is nationally praised for his work in the Israel Defense Forces as GOC Central Command. After decades of exemplary service, Numa recently co-launched a new venture which repurposes his military knowledge and experience to bring innovation in the field of crisis management and smart cities technology integration. Ronny holds B.A in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a M.A in national security and resources mgmt. from the National Defense University (USA).

Over 20 years of investment experience.

Brian has successfully managed to identify, negotiate, acquire and reposition real estate assets in Los Angeles.
These activities consistently provided very high returns throughout climbing markets and recessions.

Moved to Israel in 2013, where he succeeded in the field of intelligence technology investments, catering to the Defense establishment. Brian is also President of Titan Ventures VC, based in Herzliya. Brian holds a B.sc in Economics from the University of London (UCL).

Retired LTC Menahem Landau headed UAV Branch at IMOD/DDR&D Aeronautical Division, retired December, 2020. His responsibilities included R&D activities for all related unmanned system domains, operational and technological concepts, platforms, payloads, communications, propulsion, operator stations etc. In addition he was the IMOD Program Manager for development of UAV and Drone systems for the IDF. Previous assignments include positions responsible for R&D, development and fielding of UGS systems, electro-optical weapon systems at IMOD, tactical UAVs for battalion and brigade echelons at IMOD and IDF/GFC/Operational Requirements Dept. and as a program officer at the Technological Division of IDF/GFC.

Menahem holds a B Sc. in Mechanical and Electro-Optical Engineering from the Technion, and an M.B.A in Entrepreneur and Business strategy.

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