About Us

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Established in 2021, TI-Caveret is a partnership whose purpose is to invest in early stage technology ventures that will allow UNMANNED MOBILITY market to evolve into a reliable, autonomous, and sustainable world. We are seeking software solutions based on artificial intelligence and algorithms for the purpose of enhancing the unmanned platform's

  • Functionality, Performance, and Reliability

  • Ability to collect relevant data

  • Transfer relevant data

  • Energy Management


Applications Include: Autonomous Monitoring, Detection, Management.

Target Markets: Smart City, Urban Mobility, Critical Infrastructure, Wind Turbine, Solar Fields, Wildfires, Agriculture, HLS, Defense. 

Ecosystem based

TI-CAVERET is part of an ecosystem-building initiative that gains intimate
knowledge of the unmanned market and it nuances, from the perspective
of both technology providers and end-users.

The ecosystem consists:

  • Titan Affiliates

  • OSTI's top Israeli Engineers

  • Israeli Tier-1 Contractors

  • Aerial Platform Manufacturers from Israel and abroad

  • The Israeli Defense establishment 

Let's grow together

In addition to our business and financing support, we offer our unmanned
technology ecosystem as a platform to our portfolio companies pushing
their technology to the limit on the field. We coordinate technology testing and POC's with actual end-users in order to optimize the product development process and validate the technology itself. 
Beyond the initial raise, CAVERET supports its portfolio companies with
extensive business development and access to its well-connected global
investment community. We strive to provide entrepreneurs with all
resources needed to drive success including workspaces, dev lab and office services.

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