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TI-Caveret Global LP (known as “The Caveret”) promotes the development of solutions that will advance the world of autonomous technology, where software enables hardware. 


The Caveret nurtures startups, providing funding and a holistic framework which accelerates their growth. This includes access to in-house engineering as well as business development services, and a global infrastructure to validate their technology and generate sales.


Caveret investment size ranges from $100,000 to $2,000,000, depending on TRL. Our target startups boast core technology which can be demonstrated, coupled with a pipeline of interested customers.


Our Hub in Bnei Brak, Israel, consists of engineering companies which provide valuable services to Tier-1 contractors and also lend support to our portfolio companies. Together, our ecosystem provides complete end-to-end autonomous solutions.


We have seen the 4th industrial revolution over the past 20 years (Industry 4.0) and observed that the world is going from human resources to automation. Automation has elevated the status of all human involvement from menial tasks to supervisory and executive functions. The result is a highly productive society who can focus more on quality and ensure that our future will be sustainable in all respects.



The Caveret’s goal is to invest in technology that will advance the world of automation. This includes robotics, AI-rich software, machine learning, algorithms, data analytics, communication, and energy. Our focus will be on AI-rich software solutions with sensing and insights applications.

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